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The advantages of digital advertising

Innovative dynamic and direct media

Video communication is particularly attractive and certainly more emotional than the printed materials (posters, flyers,etc.) multimedia content (both audio and video) are possible to be tagged depending on the type of users in places and times and defaults are shown to addressee in all those places, both indoor and outdoors, where there is a high flow of people, replacing static signs digital banners and posters printed with high visual and emotional impact for the client.

Information in real time

Each promotional information can be sent within two minutes from its conception to all remote locations, wherever they are.

Brand image

By using this innovative medium, the corporate branding can have benefits in terms of image.

Video position

Play stations playing multimedia contents con be concentrated in narrow places or corridors in special areas of “staging” where programming contents according to the context, or you can place them in the departments of superstores, in shop windows, in front of a bank branches or at the entrance of public buildings and for each monitor you can program diversified multimedia playlist.

Costs recovery

The network makes it possible to program periodically the daily schedule with new advertising films, spot and video promotions relating to individual products of customer’s suppliers. A paid service that would allow cost recovery.

Animaton of stores

The network video system will be a very welcome news to customers, especially if the schedule provides in addition to offers and advertising, also advice, information and what may be appropriate for the target audience.

Easy to use

Extreme simplicity and immediacy of use. It doesn’t require special technical knowledge and information.

High level of content upgradability

The simplicity of use and the technology used by Easyimage make the play stations ready to receive new contents and new playlist, giving the customers the possibility to update the multimedia messages with great frequency and speed.

Centralized management of the network

All play stations belonging to the digital signs network of Easyimage con be programmed from a single location, at anytime via the Internet.