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The goal is to create a true multimedia audio-video network for the distribution and the projection, on advertising screens and displays, of digital signage made of images videos or texts linked to the business owned in stores of any commercial organization.

EasyImage and Digital Signage

Easyimage is a complete system that makes it possible (via web from a main location connected to the internet) to send via Web digital signage, made up of images, videos or texts, to screens and LCD or plasma displays positioned in any place reached by an ADSL line (fixed or mobile through modern USB running on gsm/umts/broadband).

What is digital advertising?

It's a new way to communicate, dynamic and innovative, otherwise know by the name of digital signage, based on a network of displays (plasma screens, LCD or LED, video walls, video projectors and interactive totems) whose contents are managed by web from a location director connected to the internet and whose business model relates to advertising, retail marketing, communication or simply improving the service.

What are the components of Easyimage?

The service in question is based on a system consisting of software and hardware made by New Works Informatica, which is able to offer technical and technological advice for the digital signage network, the best choice of hardware components, personalized and qualified assistance and a service of management and maintenance of contents via web from an advanced location director thanks to the administrative interface of Easyimage.

The system consists of a play station, a central server for contents diffusion and a special software application for the management and the administration of the system.

How it works

All the play stations, peripherals located at any points where you want to see the multimedia sequences, will obtain the contents and the related commands form the central server located in a separate server farm located at New Works Informatica. The central server will also be scheduled by the agency with the graphic material, photographs, films or texts through the interface "administrator" via Web, using any browser. All connections among play stations, the central server and the administrator interface will be done via Internet. The video signal produced by breeding station will be distributed on different displays and television monitors with video input Pal (LCD or Plasma). Sites used to place breeding station must be equipped with an internet connection ADSL, or higher, preferably (but not necessarily) with static IP (fixed or mobile through modern USB running on gsm/umts/broadband). The timing of distribution of videos from the central server to the play stations will vary depending on the length of videos and type of bandwidth/server available.