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Play stations

It is a computer with TV video card, specially prepared by New Works Informatica and configured in order to automatically perform all the functions of media player station through a dedicated software produced by New Works Informatica;
-Movies compressed in DviX or MPEG will play in 768x576 25fps Pal system with excellent quality;
-Performs a full-screen playlist, consisting of pictures and videos on the local disk, in a continuous loop. The current playlist can be interrupted by the director station and replaced during the performance of the projection with different criteria of precedence: immediately, at a certain time or at the end of the movie.
-Checking lists program: it makes regular checks to the presence of new playlist on the central server and in case of presence it downloads them. With FTP it can also download movies and pictures. It also stores the status of the local system on the server to allow the admin. to be informed on the status of the client.